Joining the Shepherd’s Guide Family

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As we work to grow out High School Senior portrait photography business in Hampton Roads, we decided that we were going to join the Shepards' Guide family. Our purpose is to provide quality work for all of our clients, and part of that quality is part of our foundational faith in God.
Depending on what time of year you schedule your sunrise senior portrait will determine the time you arrive for hair and makeup. Sophia K., a Class of 2019 Senior, arrived at 4:30 am for hair and makeup for a 6:25 am sunrise.
Finding the right location for a High School Senior is essential for telling their story. Each Senior is different and ideas can lead you to new unexplored locations.
When selecting the right portrait location you must consider clothing and what kind of makeup is applied. As a photographer it's fun to work with with Seniors, teaching them how to feel comfortable in front of the camera.
Hey, thanks for stopping by. My name's Ty Swartz and I'm an Educator & Photographer based in Virginia Beach.