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October 20, 2018
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Couples having their first child can get overwhelmed by so many things to think about as they prepare to change the dynamic of their relationship. New parents have to think about purchasing baby furniture, getting a room ready, and of course reading “What to Expect When You’re Expecting,” is a must. I remember reading this in 1995 and questioning everything I thought I knew about babies.

As a Certified Professional Photographer that specializes in Couple and Senior Portraits, I’ve discovered that everyone should take a moment and reflect on their journey and take the time to create an heirloom for this moment. Of course, I’m going to say that, I’m a portrait photographer. But as I reflect on everything I’ve done in my life I still look back at portraits my mentor took of me and take a moment to remember how I felt during that one moment in my life. It’s inspiring because I’m able to share those moments with my children and they will have that moment to show their children and grandchildren.

I’ve noticed more and more couples are taking the time to hire professional photographers to freeze those moments during their last month or two of pregnancy. Many couples are getting creative and elaborate because of sites like Instagram and Pinterest give them ideas for portraits. Here are “5 Reasons to Invest in Sunrise Maternity Portraits.”

1 – Celebrate Your Pregnancy

Alberda Maternity

From what I am told from my wife, and others pregnancy creates emotions that are robust, complex and at times overwhelming. When your not feeling at your best you want as far away from a camera as possible. But when you are feeling like Super Girl you are ready to take on the paparazzi. When you hire a professional photographer and book your session it’s all about celebrating your moment and beauty. We do things a little different because we focus on the experience of the portrait session by offering hair and make up to all of our clients. And, we bring a full studio setup to the beach so your are to star and your sunrise portraits are as unique and beautiful as you.

2 – Couple Reflection and Bonding

As part of photographing expectant couples, I find it important to ask questions about how they met and a little bit about the pregnancy. It’s important for me to set a mood of reflection with the couple because I want them to think about their relationship and their commitment to each other and their child. When I am able to establish that connection the images are genuine and authentic so when they see these images 5, 10 or 20 years from now they have a forever memory and bond. When they share this memory they are really sharing the foundation of how their family grew.

3 – Creating a Moment, Forever

A new baby brings changes. And, with changes your family dynamic modifies and at times you can feel you don’t have the same connection with each other. It’s important to identify how life keeps moving forward and creating a purposeful memory is necessary so couples are able to remember, reexperience and celebrate their moments in time. We have my wife’s maternity portrait in our bedroom so we are reminded each morning how much we love each other and when our son is really stressing us out, he’s now 12 and in middle school, joke about how quiet the house was before he arrived.

4 – Anticipation, The Long Wait

Our lives today travel so fast that we sometimes forget to simply slowdown and relax. I know in my 20’s the world was moving so fast I could honestly hear me breaking the sound barrier, daily. I am now in my late 40’s and get excited about a day that nothing is scheduled and I can simply plan to do nothing. Nine months seems like a lifetime but is here and gone before we’ve had a chance to slowdown, and enjoy the last few days of this powerful experience. I am awe-inspired when I think about the complexities and experience women have carrying a baby for nine months. For me taking time with my spouse when she was pregnant helped me connect to her and our child. Having a portrait of our anticipation is a good way to keep those moments living.

5 – Involve Siblings and Pets

If you have a pet or already have children this could be the perfect time to start creating a family growth memory wall. We have a total of five children between us. And, in our living room we have a wall dedicated to our family is growing wall. You can see just us then each child as they are added. It’s unique and helps tell our family story. Friends love looking at our portraits when they come over. Plus, each photo is unique and has an emotional connection to each child. If you have a pet don’t forget they are an important part of your family. 

Of course, there’s no rules on how you tell your story. If you are a single mother, going to adopt or using a surrogate we are want to create a moment that will tell your story. You could add a gender reveal or add your parents. The concept for creating a Sunrise Maternity Portrait is about taking time to create a lasting heirloom so you can cherish the moment before your family grows.

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