DeAngelo 2018 Senior

Finding the right location for a High School Senior is essential for telling their story. Each Senior is different and ideas can lead you to new unexplored locations. … Continue Reading >DeAngelo 2018 Senior

Developing location ideas with each high school senior is an essential part of the process hayloft creating unique senior portraits. DeAngelo is a 2018 graduate of Virginia Beach and very much a city kid. His idea was to create images that showed his unique style in a setting that stood out from his personality. 

We found a serene location at the Triple R Ranch located in Chesapeake, Virginia. DeAngelo had never been in a hayloft and thought it would be cool to hang out and create dramatic images. We found an old couch that covered in dust overlooking the horses. DeAngelo was impressed with the look and presented his most unimpressed face so he could remember how he felt during the experience.

Capturing the inside of the barn was cool, but DeAngelo wanted to show the whole experience by standing at the open barn doors in the second floor. For me, the fun was moving around the ground avoiding all evidence of animals to get the right angle.

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