Kiera is a 2018 graduate from Deep Creek High School located in Chesapeake, Virginia. She was a delight to work with and had a stunning look that helped us create images that stood out from her peers.  We wanted to highlight Kiera’s style by adding the dried grass in front and behind her perfectly matching her hair highlights.

Our makeup artist Candice, from Beauty by Candice, worked with Kiera and us to create a dramatic look without going overboard. Candice was able to polish her look with a few bits of glitter that eloquently sparkled without being excessive. 

Clothing is also essential to identify a portrait location. Typically, I ask clients to avoid wearing clothing that has a lot of patterns or multiple colors because they tend to take away from the purpose of the picture and that is to highlight the client and show their personality. For this senior portrait, I saw the shirt and spend 15 minutes walking around for a location that would work. I like the mixture of golden grass in front and behind Kiera because it helps blend her into the portrait naturally.

When it came to her prom dress, I saw the sun going down and just knew that we had to hurry over to a wooded area so we could capture the contrast from the dress and the dwindling light. 

All of her images came out stunning. I try not to overshoot portraits, but between the locations and her style, it was hard not to keep shooting. I then spent time editing and weeding down the best images for her selection.

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