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One of the hardest things for a photographer to schedule is a sunrise high senior portrait session. The main reason is the weather doesn’t always cooperate and let’s face it getting up at 3:00 am isn’t the ideal work time.

I love to arriving early to the beach so I can walk the beach and clean it up. I remove as much trash and debris possible before setting up. I try to plan hair and makeup start about 1-hour and 45-minutes before “Golden Hour.” The “Golden Hour” is usually about 30-minutes before sunrise or 30-minutes after the sun sets. This time of day produces unique soft lighting for outdoor portrait photography.

We photographed Sophia K. earlier this year and had an opportunity to do a full beach shoot after school started in September. We had to postpone a couple of times because of small things like hurricanes and lots of rain. When we were able to shoot finally we had our fantastic makeup artist Candice, owner of Inspirational Cosmetics, arrive ready to create the perfect look for our High School Senior inspired beach shoot.

The idea behind the shoot was to capture the free spirit of Sophia K., as she prepares to apply for colleges for her life after high school. I remember how exciting, busy and at times overwhelming your senior year can be. Sophia has so many opportunities ahead of her, and from our experience, her spirit is going to soar high above her peers.

Sophia is a Class of 2019 Senior at Hickory High School located in Chesapeake, Virginia. We wish her all the best as she prepares for graduation. 

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